Do you want your sales team running faster?


Smart Sales Force Management System

Do you want
your sales team
running faster?

Smart Sales Force Management System

ExecutionPro is a software that supports B2B companies boost their sales, by increasing sales teams effectiveness and simplifying team management tasks

Inmediate Impact on your Sales

ExecutionPro generates results from day 1, by analyzing your historical sales data

Automated Action Plans

ExecutionPro can process millions of data and recommend specific commercial activities for each salesperson, customer and product

Easy Integration with your CRM

ExecutionPro integrates and supplements your CRM capabilities, providing additional functionalities for sales agents and managers

We help you easily identify issues and opportunities in your sales data, then build a specific action plan, and finally ensure the plan is fully executed in the field

Increased focus of sales teams on the key issues and opportunities in their portfolio of customers

Stronger discipline to plan and follow through with your commercial activities

Sustainably better productivity of your sales force

Improved visibility and transparency of your commercial activities

Do you want to know how we do it?

Our sales reports will provide new insight into your data, quickly and with the highest accuracy.

You won’t need to waste your time anymore trying to figure out what is going on in your sales!

We can automatically identify new cross-selling opportunities and ‘commercial red flags’ with your current customers.

Let our smart algorithms do the work for you!

ExecutionPro will recommend specific commercial activities for each salesperson, customer and product.

Together we will build action plans that will enable your sales teams to compete and win! 

ExecutionPro supports your efforts to monitor your own or your team’s action plans progress and results.

Using ExecutionPro our customers achieve sustained growth even in very mature industries


Competing in a mature and very stable market, a manufacturer and distributor of fine chemistry supplies has sustainably improved their results by 5%-6% yearly. 

They use ExecutionPro intensively to provide improved focus to their sales teams, to quickly react to several market risks, and to drive Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty activities.

A key element in their success is the ability to easily track and adjust the individual action plans of each salesperson with ExecutionPro.


In a market that was hard hit by the economic downturn, a manufacturer of construction supplies achieved a 6% increase in sales in just 3 months, entirely related to applying ExecutionPro, according to their management.

Improvements came mainly from taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities that had previously not been detected, and to building individual sales strategies for each salesperson (e.g., cross-selling, acquisition, …).

In this case, monitoring the execution of the action plans in the field was another key factor that led to their success.


By applying ExecutionPro, a distributor catering to veterinary clinics has been able to grow 8%-12% yearly, over 5 consecutive years, which is a very significant achievement considering the industry was dramatically impacted by a decline in household consumption.

Sales teams have learnt to take full advantage of ExecutionPro to quickly react to any sign of a competitor attack, to identify and drive cross-selling opportunities, and to focus on high potential customers.

Our Partners can help you accelerate the implementation of ExecutionPro, ensure optimal adoption and guide you to maximum performance

How do we implement ExecutionPro in your company

Configuration and historical data load

Our system is configured by default so it generates the most value from day 1, but we can also help you customize it to ensure the best fit for your business.

Analysis of information

ExecutionPro makes it really easy for you: to understand what is going on, to identify problems and opportunities will be a simple task from now on!
  • Our highly effective sales reports help you visualize trends and outliers.
  • Our rules engine automatically identifies problems and opportunities in your data.
  • If our standard reports don’t fit your specific business needs, we can help you adjust or develop new ones!

    Building Action Plans

    As Benjamin Franklin said “Failing to plan is planning to fail“. Once you have identified the most urgent matters and the biggest opportunities to exploit, you need to decide and draw the best path forward.
    Based on the configuration for your business, and our machine learning algorithms, ExecutionPro will provide your with a set of recommendations. In this way, your sales team will be able to take advantage of best practices and become much more effective.

    Execution of the Action Plans

    Commercial success is a direct function of how precisely you execute your action plan in the marketplace with your customers.
    ExecutionPro empowers your sales teams to execute on their action plans and to report their progress.
    In an effort to limit the number of tools you use, ExecutionPro can be integrated with your CRM to submit specific activities to your sales teams and to gather their feedback after execution is complete.

    Monitoring of the Action Plans

    Following up on the execution of the action plan allows you to decide if and how to proceed in each and every situation with customers. ExecutionPro provides extensive tracking capabilities over all activities executed and its results.

    Continuous Improvement

    You are ready for your new sales cycle!
    Execution Pro helps you strengthen your sales team management model. As in any continuous improvement cycle, we drive data analysis, problem identification, root cause analysis, action planning and flawless execution.

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